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If you're having a problem with what to give your loved one on a particular occasion, opal loose stones are the best choice. 

Opal stones can represent a lot of occasions, a birthstone for October and a stone for the 14th marriage anniversary. You can give it as jewellery, or you can choose to gift loose opal stones as a keepsake.

If you want to give your loved one loose opal stones or want them for yourself, it will help to learn the different Australian varieties available that you can get from our shop. 

Black Opal Stones

Black Australian opal stones are the most valuable type of opal. The more vibrant the black opal is, the more valuable it is. 

Black opal stones have a dark tone ranging from grey to black because of iron and carbon. These opals are not 100% black, but their dark colour stands out the most.

Black Lightning Ridge opals are polished gemstones that can be worn as jewellery. The majority of black opals are mined from Lightning Ridge in Australia, the producer of the most valuable Australian opal stones; thus, they are called Black Lightning Ridge opals.

Fire Opals

Blue fire opals usually have small silica spheres. But the blue fire opals in Australia, the silica spheres are larger, resulting in their warm colours. Blue fire opals form if an opal has both small crystalline and large silica spheres.

Black fire opals are an expensive and rare variety. They can be natural or lab-made. Natural black fire opals are composed of hydrated silica, while the lab-made ones are composed of polymer. 

Black fire opals can only be found in two places in this world, in Australia and Nevada. 

Boulder Opal

If you think black opals are expensive, try considering Australia’s boulder opal. As the term states, miners acquire these precious stones from the ironstone boulders underground. 

Boulder opal's formation starts at the fissures of these boulders, in their cracks and crevices.

What's fantastic about boulder opals is their beauty and play in colours. They have a dark body tone, making them a bit similar in appearance to black opals. 

Boulder opals with less or no trace of ironstone spots are more expensive than those with ironstone spots. 

All these opal loose stones are beautiful and a head-turner. Whether you opt for the most valuable or the most colourful ones, you will never go wrong.

However, many shops don't offer 100% genuine opals, and you or your loved ones only deserve the best. That's why you need to have access to authentic opals that you or your loved ones will love.