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Are you looking for the best gift to give to your loved one? Perhaps, you need a pair of gorgeous opal earrings to compliment your outfit for an upcoming occasion. 

Although opals are available in different parts of the world, the best opal earrings are found in Australia. The country is the largest distributor of opal and recognises it as the national gemstone. 

For this reason, it is not surprising that there are tonnes of jewellery shops for opal stones in Australia. Opal is the best choice of gemstone due to its uniqueness and the variety of styles available for you to choose from for you or your loved ones. 

Opal is famous because of its multi-coloured appearance, with greens and blues being the most dominant. Opals that exude reddish colour are also available, but they are rare. You can find some of them available in our shop, though.

Whether you are looking for dangling earrings, studs, or clusters, we have them all. Here are the different kinds of earrings available at Masterpiece Jewellery:


Opal earring studs are the simplest type available as they are small and snuggly. No stones or metals are dangling down or curling towards the back of the ears. They are the most practical and comfortable for casual wear. Although opal stud earrings are simple, they exude elegance, which can complement any outfit. 


You will love opal cluster earrings if you want the earrings to have a few stones highlighting the opal's beauty. One example of it is the Two Australian Opal Triplet 4mm. It has cubic zirconia stones clustering and framing the central opal stone. 


One example of it is the Sterling Silver Dangling Opal Triplet Earrings. These earrings have stones or metals that are dangling down the earlobe. They commonly have an intricate design, and their movement as the wearer moves adds to their charm.

Our collections of Australian opal earrings will be an excellent gift for the people you love. You can also wear them for yourself to compliment any outfit on every occasion you need to attend or even as casual wear. 

What you'll love about Australian opal earrings is their uniqueness. They are a staple of every woman's wardrobe, which one can wear to transform any look. 

Therefore, if you're picky about your jewellery and want the best for a loved one, look at our collections of opal earrings. Choose what will look good on you or to your loved one.