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Rings are the most versatile opal jewellery you can buy. It is easy to find opal rings in Australia as this country is the largest distributor of this gemstone worldwide.

If you're looking for opal rings for sale in Australia, invest money into something that won’t just sit there and collect dust.  

But choosing which opal to buy for a loved one or to complete an outfit can be overwhelming. Make the most of your investment by knowing why you want to buy it. 


If you're looking for the rarest and most valuable type of opal, consider buying a black opal ring. Black opals are getting rarer. It is advisable to buy a black opal ring in Australia, as this country is the primary producer of high-quality black opal. 

One Platinum Black Opal and Diamond Ring is an excellent example of a black opal ring. It can make a perfect family heirloom, or an engagement ring. 


Our opal rings in gold are an excellent choice to complete an outfit, especially if you have a warm undertone, as this will compliment your skin tone. If you have a cool undertone, a silver opal ring may be a better choice for you.

Wearing gold opal rings will add interest to your overall look. White opal rings in Australia have a milky colour with green and blue undertones that give you a classy and sophisticated look.

Diamond and opal rings often go well together, not only because they look good but also because diamond balances the opal stones' softness. 

Meanwhile, blue opal rings are the perfect accessories to complement orange, green or purple outfits. Blue opal rings are also perfect as a gift or a wedding ring. Take a look at our collection of blue opal rings in our shop.


As mentioned, opal rings can be an excellent gift, no matter the person's gender. Giving a loved one an opal ring only shows that you care. That's why you can find an opal ring-for-men collection in our shop. 

We have an opal ring-for-men for sale at Masterpiece Jewellery. The 9KT Men's Signet Ring with White Opal is the opal ring to complete a man's attire. You can give it as a gift or as a wedding ring. 

Wedding or Engagement

If you want to buy an Opal engagement or a wedding ring that is not as expensive as a diamond but still valuable, choose a black opal engagement ring. 

A black opal engagement ring is also valuable, as black opals are rare. But if you want to take your black opal engagement ring to the next level, choose a diamond opal ring. 

You can find a diamond opal ring that you or your future fiance will love. The 14kt Yellow Gold Black Opal And Diamond Ring is one example.

Masterpiece Jewellery offers opal engagement rings for sale in various styles, using only the best quality Australian opals. 

You may opt for gold opal rings, and if you don't like yellow gold, we also have white gold opal rings available. A white gold opal ring is also as beautiful as the others. Take a look at our 18-KT White Gold Light Opal Fire And Diamond Ring.

You can even buy men's opal rings, so you and your partner can match your opal engagement rings. 

It is not surprising that in Australia, opal jewellery shops are prominent. Although many jewellers sell authentic opal rings, others don't. Check out our collections at Masterpiece Jewellery if you're looking for all kinds of genuine opal jewellery in Australia.